Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies

Gas Analysis Workshop 2012

Workshop on Sampling, Detection and Quantification of Impurities in Gases from Thermochemical Biomass Conversion Processes

After the successful workshop for tar analysis in 2011, another workshop on the analysis of gases and gas components was held at the following EU Biomass Conference in Milan in 2012.

The range of topics was expanded somewhat to allow space for all relevant questions on gas analytics in process and synthesis gases from thermochemical conversion processes.

The flyer for the event is available here.

Workshop Programm

 Welcome and Introduction.
Y. Neubauer
TU Berlin, Germany

Part I: Off-line sampling and analysis - Guideline (liquid) in comparison with SPA/SPE (solid)

Liquid Sampling

1Tar measurement at VUT- Solvent Comparison
U. Wolfesberger-Schwabl
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna Austria
2Reflexions on the existing guideline (and EN) about the sampling and analysis of tar matter from product gas, pyrolysis gas and synthesis gas sampling on adsorbents
J. Zeisler
Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria

Sampling on Adsorbents (SPA/SPE)

3Tar & (SPA) tar analysis
T. Liljedahl
KTH Stockholm, Sweden
4Tar analysis by Solid Phase Adsorption (SPA) associated with Thermal Desorption (TD) and Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis.
Eric Masson, Anthony Dufour
CNRS, Nancy, France
5Solid Phase Adsorption (SPA) method for tar. Analysis of heavy tars
S. Grootjes
ECN, Petten, Netherlands

Part II: Analytical approaches for the characterization of synthesis gases regarding trace elements like sulphur, chlorine, alkali and nitrous species

6Introduction; description of needs (Parameters, application, type of task)
S. Biollaz
PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
7PSI toolbox regarding trace elements: Alkali, Cl, metals
S. Biollaz
PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
8SPA measurement for sulphur compounds: first results
S. Grootjes
ECN, Petten, Netherlands
9Analytical methods for LT-CFB Gasifiers (Analysis of Chlorine)
Helge Egsgaard, Zsuzsa Sárossy, Jesper Ahrenfeldt
Risø DTU, Roskilde, Denmark
10The actual need of a guideline for sampling and analysis of chemical matter (not tars) from product gas, pyrolysis gas and synthesis gas.
J. Zeisler
Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria