Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies

Energy Process Engineering

Course Content

  • Production and chemical and thermal description of fossil and biogenic primary energy carriers
  • Conversion of primary energy sources into usable secondary energy sources and their standardization
  • Basic physical and chemical description of the thermal utilization of secondary energy carriers and their technical implementation
  • Fundamentals of exhaust gas treatment and its technical implementation
  • Physical and chemical fundamentals of combustion: thermodynamics, kinetic gas theory, transport phenomena, reaction kinetics, chemical equilibrium, ignition processes, general balance equations of reacting flows, laminar premixing flames, laminar diffusion flames

Seminar for Energy Process Engineering

In this seminar, themes related to energy process engineering are studied and presented by students.    

The seminar takes place in person.

Practical Laboratory for Energy Process Engineering

The semester-long EVT practical laboratory course is offered in the winter semester and is comprised of 3 experiments. Details on how the course is conducted will be presented at the first lecture meeting.


Winter Semester 2022/2023

This in-class lecture will begin on Monday 10:15 am on 24.10.2022. The schedule can be found on Moses

The lectures will not be recorded.

In the first lecture, information about the practical laboratory course (PR EVT I) and seminar (SE EVT I) will be given - see also the corresponding ISIS entries.


Oral examinations for Energy Process Engineering are to be arranged personally with Professor Behrendt.

Further Information

Further information about the course can be found on Moses.