Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies

Working Group: Energy Systems

The Energy Systems Working Group is currently engaged in two research projects in the field of clean energy supply and grid stability, and a project to develop a new master's degree program in Uzbek universities.

Currently, the Energy Systems Department is working on a research project on geothermal cooling. In this project, an aquifer of Berlin Adlershof is to be used as a cold storage facility. This is a demonstration project, so the department is responsible for both scientific supervision and subproject coordination in this project.

In a second research project, the potential for load management in environmental plants is being assessed. The project is funded by the German government's "Electricity Grid" research initiative and is intended to contribute to grid stability through controllable loads. For the potential assessments, various plants of the ALBA Group, which is a project partner in the project, are modeled and evaluated.

In the project "Development of Master Programs in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment" with the abbreviation RENES, the Energy Systems Division is in charge of the second work package. As the project title suggests, a new curriculum for a master program in the field of renewable energy sources and sustainable development will be designed and integrated at six different universities in Uzbekistan during the project period.

Furthermore, the area deals with the modeling, simulation and optimization of energy systems, generation and conversion components as well as their cross-sector coupling.

Leitung Arbeitsbereich Energiesysteme