Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies

Research Profile

Fuel and synthesis gases play an important role in the transformation of our energy system toward a more environmentally friendly system with a greater share of renewable energies. Here, we use these gases to generate heat, electricity and fuels or as chemical storage media.

In the technical application of solid fuels, we find firing systems with fixed or moving fuel beds as well as fluidized beds.

While progress has been made in the field of fluid mechanical description of such furnaces, the simultaneous detailed modeling of the chemical events of such reactive two-phase systems represents a scientific challenge that has not yet been overcome. A few global steps have already been put to use here. However, for sufficiently accurate prediction of pollutant formation, much more detailed chemical models are indispensable.

In our field, the whole range of scales from single particles to technical systems is considered.

The realization of a sustainable energy supply requires not only the consideration of technical aspects of energy process engineering, the economic dimension and the security of supply, but also a stronger integration of ecological and social aspects in decision making in the future. In order to be able to take this approach into account, our Energy Systems division is dedicated to the holistic, systemic consideration of research fields in the key areas of energy and resource efficiency as well as climate protection.