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Submitting an event (without Congeno)

To use the form below, you must meet the following requirements:

Technical requirements:

  • You are not yet using the new Congeno software to manage your events.
    (Please note: You can still use Congeno even if you have not yet migrated to a “new” website at Learn more about the advantages of Congeno.)
  • or
  • You are not an employee of TU Berlin.

Event requirements:

  • The event is of interest and open to the public (i.e. it is not a closed event).
  • The event is taking place at TU Berlin and/or in collaboration with a TU Berlin institution.

Please note the information concerning bilingual calendar entries.

Please complete the following form:

Event information
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Event location: Please provide the full address, including, if applicable, the lecture hall or room number.
Additional information for event series
If your event is part of a series, please also complete the following fields. Otherwise, you can continue with the section "Contact information for prospective attendees".
Contact information for prospective attendees
Data privacy note: All information entered in the following contact fields will be published with the event information. If you provide contact details of third parties, by entering them you expressly state that you have the consent of the person concerned to publish the information. You can view the applicable data privacy statement at
Information about the event in English
The new TU Berlin website is completely bilingual, including the event calendar. If you would like your event to appear in both calendars, please provide both a German and English text.
The language of the announcement is independent of the language of the event itself. As such, the event language and announcement language do not have to be identical. Further information about this topic is linked at the beginning of this page.

Please note: If you entered English text in the fields above, please add the German text here. Otherwise, your event will only appear in the English calendar.
Additional information