Submitting an event (with Congeno)

To use the form below, you must meet the following requirements:

Technical requirements:

  • You are already using the new Congeno event management software.
    (Please note: You can still use Congeno even if you have not yet migrated to a “new” website at Learn more about the advantages of Congeno.)
  • The event was published in Congeno (meaning the entry is no longer a draft).
  • The option “Hidden?” is deactivated.
  • The option “Enabled for other programs?” is activated.

Event requirements:

  • The event is of interest and open to the public (i.e. It is not a closed event).
  • The event is taking place at TU Berlin and/or in collaboration with a TU Berlin institution.

Please note the information concerning bilingual calendar entries.

Please complete the following form:

Event information
Fields marked with an * must be completed.
Please provide the "public link to event", which you can find on the bottom right of the input form in Congeno.
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