Technische Universität Berlin

Submitting Events for the Central Event Calendar

TU Berlin’s central event calendar is managed by the Office of Communication, Events and Alumni. It contains TU Berlin events of interest to the public.

If you would like to inform the editorial team of an event that should be added to the calendar, please complete and submit the corresponding form.

Submitting events

Option 1: With Congeno

Requirement: You are already using the new Congeno software to manage your events.

Please pay close attention to the information on the following page.

Option 2: Without Congeno

Requirement: You are not using the Congeno software to manage your events or you are not a TU Berlin employee.

Please note: Please only submit events organized by TU Berlin institutions or in collaboration with TU Berlin.

Contact in case of questions

Office of Communication, Events and Alumni

Advantages of using Congeno

  • You remain in control of the event, including any changes, additions, or cancellations.
  • The ability to independently manage your event means that the entry in TU Berlin’s central event calendar is always up to date without your needing to contact us again.
  • If registration is required for your event, you can choose to manage the registration and participants directly in Congeno.
  • Other institutions are also able to add your event to their own calendars (e.g. an event hosted by an academic chair listed in the faculty calendar).

Information about bilingual calendar entries

The new TU Berlin website is completely bilingual (German/English). This means that only event announcements in German will be posted to the German page of the central event calendar and English-language announcements to the English page.

If you would like your event to appear in both calendars, please provide both a German and English text.

The language of the announcement is independent of the language of the event itself. As such, the event language and announcement language may differ from one another.

If you already use Congeno, you can enter bilingual texts yourself in the software. These will then be exported to the website accordingly.