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  • Every student who wants to participate in Venture Campus WS 23,24 MUST fill in the survey below. However, there are some differences due the course of study:

  • For IMES students, this is a mandatory course. However, there is a cap on number of students we can accept and it will be selected on Fist come, First Serve basis. If a student is not selected for this semester, he or she will be selected in the next semester (summer term 2024) for sure. (Please apply via Registration Section below)

  • Chemistry students (enrolled in one of the 8 Master programs at TU Berlin) taking part in Micro-Credential Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and students of Micro-Credential Sustainable & Inclusive Construction course (ISIS Page) have a guaranteed spot in the course. (Please apply via Registration Section below).

  • All other students are also welcome to apply. (Please apply via Registration Section below)

  • Accepted students will be informed by the 15 of October 2023 the latest

  • The course schedule will be revealed in the first lecture on 19 October 2023.

  • Full participation and presence is expected for all lectures - for offline as well as online sessions!  

  • Students of life sciences are particularly welcome!



Venture Campus is an integrated innovation and business plan seminar which covers the process from idea generation to the development of a viable business concept with a focus on ecologically and socially sustainable business ideas and models. The seminar is aimed at Master degree students ONLY of all disciplines. 


Course Coordinators:

Aamruth Shankar (Organization)    Dr. Karina Cagarman      Charleen v. Kolpinski

Winter Term 2023/2024

Winter Term 2023/2024

First Session ("Kickoff"):

Thursday 19th of October 14:00 - 18:00 pm in room EB 107. Attendance of this Kickoff is crucial!
That first session is only meant for students for those who received an explicit confirmation that they are admitted to the course.

Regular Sessions/Lectures:

Participants will meet (almost) every Thursday at 14:00 - 18:00 pm  in room EB 107 throughout the semester. 

Sessions/Lectures Structure:

The sessions/lectures will be held offline/presence in Flipped Classroom format. Students are required to watch the uploaded lecture videos on ISIS before each session/lecture. During the session/lecture, the outcome of the corresponding lecture videos will be discussed and its use in the corresponding team venture project.

Detailed course description can be found on Moses and ISIS page.


! Please note !

⇒ Applicants who have used false data to apply for Venture Campus (e.g. aren't enrolled in a Master's degree program; claimed to be compulsory student while they aren't, etc.) will lose their allocation to our seminar with immediate effect.


⇒ In case you are admitted: Attend the first session on 19 October 2023 - all further info is provided during the session.

Detailed Course Description


The module VENTURE CAMPUS (course number: 7352 L 11) is a business plan seminar, aimed at Master degree students (ONLY) of all disciplines with a strong focus on ecologically and socially sustainable business models!

The course awards 12 ECTS. The course provides an introduction to all aspects of business planning including, for example, business model development, marketing and finance. No prior knowledge in business or economics is required, yet helpful. The students will present and discuss initial business ideas, and will then form teams to work on developing a viable business concept. Staff and expert inputs on relevant business aspects as well as group mentoring is part of the course. Finally, all teams hand in a written business plan document and present their plan in an all-day final panel presentation.

The seminar lasts over the course of one semester and is held every semester.

The main target group of Venture Campus are students of TU Berlin who have a strong interest in addressing an ecological or social need, getting to know how to develop a viable business concept and how to write a business plan. Students of life sciences are particularly welcome. 

Please keep in mind that for capacity reasons we are only able to consider students who are in need of the credit points (ECTS) and who are enrolled at TU Berlin.


Course Topics

The input sessions cover the following topics (these can vary per semester:

Sustainable Business Model Development
Green & Social Entrepreneurship Methods
Market Analysis
Market Sizing and Marketing
Organizational Structure and Operations
Strategy & Outlook
Basics in Finance
Basics in Taxes
Negotiations with Investors

Learning Objectives

The ability to

  • successfully apply the learned knowledge for development of a new product or business concept with a focus on a ecologically and socially sustainable business model
  • systematically explore and create ideas or modify existing business ideas for answering market needs
  • systematically explore obstacles in building a viable sustainable business concept 
  • understand different phases of a business development process
  • transform new ideas into business solutions for a commercial market environment, combined with decision-making and leadership competencies
  • work in multi-disciplinary teams
  • present a concept to an internal audience as well as to an external panel of financiers
  • reflect upon ethical and team processes.

Description of Teaching and Learning Methods

The module features the following teaching methods:

  • Input sessions by internal staff
  • Interactive elements such as group discussions, plenary discussions and team presentations in the plenary
  • Input sessions by external experts (incl. practitioners)
  • Q&A sessions
  • Mentoring sessions with internal or external staff
  • Drop-in sessions with internal and external experts


Participants in VENTURE CAMPUS will obtain a grade based on a portfolio examination.

The course yields 12 ECTS (mandatory for IMES students)

Grading criteria are:

  • Business Plan (Group Work)
  • Final Pitch (Group Presentation)
  • Individual Learning Reflection (Individual assignment)

Info for Chemistry Students and on the Micro-Credential "Sustainable Entrepreneurship"

Info on the course registration for Chemistry students

Chemistry students who are enrolled in one of the eight Chemistry Master programsat TU Berlin wishing to pursue the Micro-Credential "Sustainable Entrepreneurship" are guaranteed a place in the course.

Please use the ISIS registration form to enroll! 

What is the Micro-Credential "Sustainable Entrepreneurship"?

Micro-Credential is an additional certificate that can be gained on top of a degree program. It certifies skills in a chosen area and complements the main academic program of the learner. This new form of certification is gaining importance in the EU and elsewhere and increases the job chances of the graduates.

The Micro-Credential "Sustainable Entrepreneurship" offered by the Chemical Invention Factory and Science & Startups at TU Berlin is comprised of 24 ECTS. In addition to the course Venture Campus, which accounts for 12 ECTS, students can choose two 6 ECTS courses out of a range of electives to complete the micro-credential

For more information on the program, please contact Philipp Isbrückerphilipp.isbruecker(at)tu-berlin.de


Winter Term 2023/2024

Info on the course registration


Every Student needs to register for the course via theISIS registration form



Please note:

⇒ Applicants who have used false data to apply for Venture Campus (e.g. aren't enrolled in a Master's degree program; claimed to be compulsory student while they aren't, etc.) will lose their allocation to our seminar with immediate effect.


⇒ In case you are admitted: Attend the first session on 19 October 2023 - all further info is provided during the session.