Centre for Entrepreneurship

IMES Course Offer

The IMES program is supported by several academic Chairs at TU Berlin. Course enrollment procedures are shared on the website of the respective Chair that offers the course, or during the first lecture of a course. Please note, some courses have limited seats and require an application to secure a seat in advance. Please check the relevant Chair websites and follow the procedures. If no procedures are posted until the first lecture day of a new semester, simply join the ISIS course.

Compulsory Courses (30 ECTS) (P-Pflicht)

IMES has 4 Compulsory Courses (30 ECTS) that must be completed in the 1st year at TU Berlin. Although these are required, students may still need to signal their intent to participate.

Module TitleDesignationECTSWinterSummerFocusChair
Venture CampusCompulsory12PracticeEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Innovation EconomicsCompulsory6-CoreInnovation Economics
Strategic ManagementCompulsory6-CoreStrategic Leadership and Global Management
Entrepreneurship ResearchCompulsory6ResearchEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Elective Courses (30 ECTS) (WP-Wahlpflicht)

30 ECTS must be completed in the Compulsory Elective category, where students plan their own independent specialization by selecting courses that provide desired competencies or perspectives in line with personal interests and career goals. It is required that at least 6 ECTS are achieved in each of the respective areas: Innovation (6), Entrepreneurship (6), Sustainability (6), and the remaining (12) can be selected as desired. Modules with multiple designations can only be applied to one area; declared when registering for the module exam.

Module TitleDesignationECTSWinterSummerFocusChair
Crisis Management meets ConsultingEntrepreneurship6-PracticeEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Designing Your Happy LifeEntrepreneurship6CoreEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Challenging Global ContextsEntrepreneurship6-ResearchEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Life Science VenturingEntrepreneurship or Innovation6-CoreEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Fundamentals of Project ManagementEntrepreneurship or Innovation6BasicTechnology and Innovation Management
Business Research MethodsEntrepreneurship or Innovation6ResearchEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Payments and Market InfrastructureEntrepreneurship6-CoreMacroeconomics
Strategic Project Management and Agile OrganizationEntrepreneurship or Innovation6-CoreTechnology and Innovation Management
Management of Corporate CrisisEntrepreneurship6-PracticeEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Entrepreneurial MarketingEntrepreneurship6-ResearchMarketing
Project Seminar: Strategic Management of CitiesInnovation, Entrepreneurship, or Sustainability12-PracticeStrategic Leadership and Global Management
Design Thinking for Smart Living & HealthInnovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability6-PracticeEntrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Advanced Research Seminar - Innovation ManagementInnovation6-ResearchTechnology and Innovation Management
Advanced Research Seminar: Gender and InnovationInnovation6-ResearchTechnology and Innovation Management
Advanced Seminar - Practical Innovation Management ToolsInnovation6-ResearchTechnology and Innovation Management
Digital InnovationInnovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Innovation Management - Process and ActorsInnovation6-CoreTechnology and Innovation Management
Innovation MarketingInnovation6-CoreMarketing
Innovation PolicyInnovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Strategic Standardization and Platform ManagementInnovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Technology ManagementInnovation12-CoreTechnology and Innovation Management
Innovation WorkshopInnovation12PracticeMarketing
Industry Spotlight on Innovation ManagementInnovation6PracticeTechnology and Innovation Management
Corporate Innovation ManagementInnovation6-CoreTechnology and Innovation Management
Intellectual Property ManagementInnovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Open Source and IP in the Digital SocietyInnovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Multinational Corporations and Corporate ControlSustainability6-CoreStrategic Leadership and Global Management
Aktuelle Themen aus Marketingpraxis und -forschung: Marketing Strategy Simulation GameInnovation6-PracticeMarketing
Quality Infrastructure ManagementSustainability6-CoreInnovation Economics
Strategies for Sustainable Development in Politics and EconomySustainability6-CoreSustainable Engineering
Sustainable InnovationSustainability or Innovation6-CoreInnovation Economics
Sustainable Management ControlSustainability6-Core Accounting and Management Control
Sustainable Production and Operations ManagementSustainability6-CoreProduction and Operations Management
The Economics of Climate PolicySustainability6-ResearchThe Economics of Climate Change
Managing innovative Projects - Case Study SeminarInnovation6-PracticeTechnology and Innovation Management
Sustainable Management and Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesSustainability or Entrepreneurship6-CoreStrategic Leadership and Global Management
Policy Analysis - transition to climate neutrality (formally called Climate and Energy Policy)Sustainability6-CoreEnergy and Climate Policy
EcodesignSustainability6-CoreSustainable Engineering
Methods and Tools for Sustainability AssessmentSustainability6-CoreSustainable Engineering
Sustainable Economics 1: Urban Economics for SustainabilitySustainability3-CoreSustainability Economics of Human Settlements
Sustainable Economics 2: Urbanization and Global Environmental ChangeSustainability3-CoreSustainability Economics of Human Settlements
Critical SustainabilitySustainability6-CoreCritical Sustainability
Economics of SustainabilitySustainability6-CoreMTS