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IMES Alumni Network


Our strong IMES community of former students is one of the major benefits the program offers. Many Alumni and Partners are successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders or enthusiastic change agents for a better society. 

We offer two central platforms two connect and exhange, fostering and growing the strong ties our students bind while studying.

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IMES Alumni Website

The ultimate object of the alumni programme is to build a stable network that helps the individual alumnus in certain situations such as staying in touch, getting to know other IME/S alumni, looking for jobs, sharing job offers etc. Overall we have built the community so that you can benefit from the experience of our alumni, have an easier access to information and connect faster with other alumni. 

We intend to showcase inspiring ventures and important intiatives that have been undertaken in our community. If you have an interesting story to share, please contact entrepreneurship-TB-imes( at )win.tu-berlin.de to establish an interview and publication plan.

Follow this Link to the website

IMES LinkedIn-Community

The LinkedIn Community group offers a common interactive platform for sharing business-related information, job offers, alumni questions and a way of staying in touch! Need support for your social initiative, entrepreneurial venture, or academic research? This is the place to go. The community is well connected and willing to lend a hand and also make external introductions to help you accomplish the task at hand.

Alumni and Partners can Request to the LinkedIn-Group Here