Centre for Entrepreneurship

Paul has a Master of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the Technische Universität Berlin, a Magister in Management from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), and a complementing Climate Innovation Master (Climate-KIC) from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. He has a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems from Iowa State University. 

Paul has several years of professional experience working in management in the hospitality industry in the USA leading several digitalization projects. From 2017-2019 he worked as a research assistant with ESCP Europe on an international EU Horizon 2020 project "R2Pi", conducting an international empirical investigation of the Circular Economy and business models in across 6 critical sectors.

At the end of 2019, Paul joined the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management to work as the M.Sc. IMES double degree study program coordinator. 

He is interested in the complexities of sustainability transition concepts and the socio-technical contexts in which they occur. Empirically investigating circular economy adoption and entrepreneurial engagement as a driving force are of particular interest for his research.


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
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