Digital Transformation in Energy Systems


The main lectures of the Department of Digital Transformation in Energy Systems are Energy Economics (in the winter semester) and Energy Systems (in the summer semester). While in the lecture Energy Economics the characteristics of the different energy markets are discussed, the lecture Energy Systems conveys methodological approaches to the integrated analysis and evaluation of energy systems.

Both lectures are part of the curriculum of the Energy and Process Engineering, Energy and Process Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems degree programmes as electives. The regular participation of students from other degree programmes, for example from the fields of environmental engineering, economics and urban and regional planning, creates an appealing, interdisciplinary atmosphere. Special emphasis is placed on professional tools and methods adapted to the complexity of energy systems and the decision-making processes therein.

The introductory course Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Grundlagen is aimed at engineering students and is offered every semester. The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of economic calculations, especially in the areas of investment and financing.

Furthermore, seminars on New Developments in Energy Markets and in Energy System Modelling are offered every semester. Since winter semester 2022/23, a practice-oriented and programming-intensive course Data Science for Energy System Modelling has also been offered.

Overall, the Department of Digital Transformation in Energy Systems currently offers the following portfolio of courses:

Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Grundlagen für Studierende der IngenieurwissenschaftenLectureWS/SSProf. Brown, Zeyen 
Energy SystemsIntegrated LectureWSProf. Brown, Glaum 
Energy EconomicsIntegrated LectureSSProf. Brown, Glaum 
New Developments in Energy Markets / Neue Entwicklungen auf den EnergiemärktenSeminarWS/SSProf. Brown, Glaum, Prof. Erdmann, Prof. Grübel 
New Research in Energy System ModellingSeminarWS/SSProf. Brown, Prof. Luderer, Dr. Riepin 
Data Science for Energy System ModellingIntegrated LectureWS/SSDr. Neumann 

Final Theses

If you are interested in writing a thesis in the field of energy systems, please send your detailed application to our scientific staff. It would be helpful if you let us know your areas of interest or, if applicable, your own suggested topic.

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