Digital Transformation in Energy Systems


The Department of Digital Transformation in Energy Systems (ENSYS) is a nationally and internationally recognised academic institution with a focus on sustainable energy systems. Within the Institute of Energy Technology at TU Berlin, the department conducts interdisciplinary research and deals with the complex interactions between technology, politics, society and the energy system. The team is characterised by a broad professional background in various disciplines between engineering, economics, physics and computer science. In addition to research, the department makes a contribution to the education of future decision-makers in the energy sector with a comprehensive range of courses, critical scientific discourse and the supervision of theses. The Department of Digital Transformation in Energy Systems has been under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tom Brown since 2021. Previously, it was led by Prof. Dr. Georg Erdmann.

Ongoing Research Projects

ProjectDescriptionDurationFunded byKey People
24/7 carbon-free power purchase agreementsTraditional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy have seen rapid growth in recent years, but they only match supply and demand on average over a longer period such as a year. There is increasing interest from corporations such as Google to match their demand with clean energy supply on a truly 24/7 basis, whether that is using variable renewables paired with storage, or using dispatchable clean sources such as geothermal power. In 2020 Google committed to operating entirely on 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) at all of its data centres and campuses worldwide by 2030. In this project we will explore different designs for a 24/7 carbon-free PPA, and how their deployment affects the rest of the energy system.November 2021 - January 2024GoogleProf. Dr. Tom Brown, Dr. Iegor Riepin
Integration of hydrogen and carbon management into energy system modelsThe goal is to improve the representation of hydrogen and carbon management in highly-resolved energy system models for the United States and Europe. This will allow us to carry out research into the future role of clean hydrogen and carbon capture in deep decarbonization scenarios. All code and research data will be made freely available with open source licences.October 2021 - September 2024Breakthrough Energy SciencesProf. Dr. Tom Brown, Dr. Fabian Hofmann, Christoph Tries