Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
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Welcome to IMES! The International M.Sc. Double Degree in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

The M.Sc. IMES is an interdisciplinary graduate business program equipping future leaders with expert knowledge on Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

IMES is designed as a 2-year double degree program in which students complete their second year in a complementary partner university program that further specializes in Management, Entrepreneurship or Governance. The M.Sc. IMES is conferred by the TU Berlin, while a second master's degree is conferred by the associated partner university.

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International Studies

The IMES student cohort and the program design are both highly international. It is mandatory to complete at least one semester (30 ECTS) abroad. It is strongly recommended to participate in the double degree program with our renowned program partners (60 ECTS abroad).

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Innovative Course Offer

Innovation does not stop when it comes to teaching. Courses are highly collaborative and utilize modern didactics, closely tied to research. Students can customize a study path according to preferences with a flexible mix between modern theoretical foundations, expert knowledge and practical insights from local and international partners (e.g. startups, industry, corporates, research institutes, and projects).

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Alumni & Partner Network

The IMES Community ensures you have a meaningful study experience in Berlin. Members are connected and support both curricular and extracurricular engagement around the study and professional path.

We cannot wait to welcome you as a part of our Community!

Start of StudiesWinter Semester  
Application StartApril 2nd  
Application DeadlineMay 15th  
AdmissionRestricted: 50 study seats // Note: This year, 10 extra study seats are offered for students affected by the Russian war in Ukraine. Standard application requirements still apply.  
Academic DegreesMaster of Science (+ double degree partner)  
Standard Period of Study4 semesters  
Credit Points120 ECTS  
Structure1st Year at TU Berlin (60 ECTS) + 2nd Year abroad / flexible  
Language of InstructionEnglish (C1 required)  
FeesSemester fees of ca. 320€ . Additional tuition fees are charged at the University of Twente  
HistoryStarted in 2010, formerly named Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship  
Study & Exam RegulationsEnglish  

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Financing and Fees

Plan your studies financially. Costs, support, grants, and possibilities to work are all discussed here. Start early!


Live in Berlin - Germany’s vibrant capital

Berlin is the natural choice to study for an innovative business degree. The reunited city is considered the technological, political and start-up epicentre of Germany - attracting new talent and employers. Providing both an excellent startup and venture capital infrastructure, as well as an exciting cultural life, it is your place to feel at home and thrive. 

Study at a leading technical research university

The Technische Universität Berlin is a great place to study and renowned in Germany & around the world. In fact, it is ranked as the 140th best university worldwide overall (Times Higher Education 2020) and as the 60th best university worldwide for engineering (QS World University Ranking 2021). When studying IMES you also have the chance to engage with students from other study programs such as Business Engineering, Business Informatics, Economics and Sustainable Engineering given the interdisciplinary approach in the program elective offerings. You might also participate in one of the various student societies and the extensive sport program offerings on campus.

Be part of a highly motivated group of students

IMES is the most popular graduate business/economics degree at a Berlin University with over 1000 applications from 80+ countries each year. IMES brings together students from diverse international and interdisciplinary backgrounds who have excelled academically during their undergraduate studies, and often gained several years of professional experience. Generally, IMES students are passionate about tackling today’s greatest challenges and highly dedicated to making a sustainable impact in their professional career.

Study today to make an impact tomorrow

Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability combines highly relevant and current economic and societal topics. Expert knowledge in these fields is being demanded and graduates of the IMES program are easily employed in many areas of the economy and in public service.

Furthermore, graduates of the program are able to tackle issues independently, interpret and critique research results competently and apply them to business contexts as well as their own research.

International Studies

Study Abroad

21st century challenges require collaboration, solidarity, and the quick dissemination of expert knowledge and novel methods to solve them. The M.Sc. IMES program is intentionally designed with this international focus to broaden perspectives and strengthen network ties throughout Europe. A study abroad experience is mandatory and takes place starting in the third semester after completing 60 ECTS at TU Berlin. It is intended that students build a strong network within their cohort during their shared time at TU Berlin, and further strengthen them through shared experiences abroad. 

Students make arrangements for this study abroad already during their first semester, supported by various information sessions in November with several subsequent application deadlines ranging from November to January. Students will know their double degree placements for the next Winter Semester by the end of December, while individualized placements for studies abroad are usually first known in April.

Double Degree

TU Berlin students join with double degree partner students on the Berlin Campus to form a highly international IMES cohort and start a shared study track. A study abroad plan is determined during the first semester with internal applications to nominate and place students at double degree partner universities. After completing the required IMES courses at TU Berlin in the first year (60 ECTS), TU Berlin students then join their double degree classmates at the partner universities to complete the final 60 ECTS, including a single jointly recognized Master Thesis in the final semester.

Deciding to study abroad at a partner University within an arranged double degree track has several benefits. Besides enjoying a first-class education from reputable European institutions and a shared study experience with cohort classmates, the existing relationships at the partner universities facilitate quick integration into the university structures and social groups, enabling students to focus on their studies, cultural immersion, and career ambitions. Lastly, by attaining a double degree, students are official Alumni of the partner institution, and often maintain ties with local classmates and faculty after graduation.  

Double Degrees complement the MSc. IMES degree with strategic specialization areas:

  • Business Administration at University of Twente, Enschede
  • Management at Warsaw School of Economics, SGH
  • Entrepreneurship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim


Alternative Single Degree

IMES is designed as a double degree program, but students may opt-out of the double degree group and pursue a single degree to meet personal study needs. Even then, the IMES program is an international degree and it is mandatory to complete at least one semester (30 ECTS) abroad. Those students need to apply independently for any appropriate EU/Erasmus+ partner institutions of the Faculty VII Economics and Management or one of TU Berlin’s renowned worldwide partner universities. Partners of the EIM Chair are particularly suitable for IMES students. In addition, students may organize their exchange independently as a free mover.

Placement in such programs is competitive and therefore cannot be guaranteed and in some situations, students might experience delays or cancellations. In any case, students must take initiative to create and organize a study abroad plan themselves in accordance with the IMES Regulations (IMES StuPO 2016) to ensure that the complete 30 ECTS from their studies abroad will be accredited at TU Berlin to earn the single degree.

Once the recognition of the foreign credits is complete, the Master Thesis can be written under supervision at Faculty VII.  


M.Sc. in Business Administration at University of Twente

The University of Twente is one of the leading technical universities in Europe. Its special focus is on the development of technology and its impact on people and society. UT students are always challenged to look beyond the boundaries of their own field and establish links with other disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach encourages scientific and social innovation and reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the university. The Master Thesis is completed during the final semester at UT. The Univesity of Twente charges student fees. Further Infos about the degree program can be found here. There are 30 study seats for this track.

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Magister in Management at Warsaw School of Economics

SGH is the premiere economics and management university of Poland, and among the best in Europe. According to the Eduniversal ranking, SGH is one of the three top business schools in Eastern Europe. SGH maintains AMBA, CEEMAN, and PKA Accreditations. Double degree students from TU Berlin will advance their skills with a broad scope of modern and dynamic management courses in their first semester, and conduct research and write their master thesis in the second semester. Further information about the degree program can be found here. There are 10 study seats for this track.

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M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship at NTNU Trondheim

NTNU is the leading technical university in Norway. The program’s focus is on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship. Double degree students from TU Berlin will advance their academic knowledge in Entrepreneurship with tailored insights for their research projects during first semester, and implement their research and write the master thesis in the 2nd semester. Further infos about the degree program can be found here. There are 5 study seats for this track.

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Scholarships for double degree studies

Application Deadline*NameAmount per monthComment
Very EarlyDAAD Nationality Specific ScholarshipsvariesThere are often scholarships to study in Germany, or with a double degree in Europe, given based on nationality. Please search in the database and apply early!
September 30DAAD Graduate's Scholarship (North, West, South Europe)800 - 950€(e.g. UT, NTNU) Search: "Stipendien für ein Masterstudium im Ausland"
December 1DAAD Graduate's Scholarship (Central and East Europe)800 - 950 €(e.g. SGH) Search: "Stipendien für ein Masterstudium im Ausland"
March 15German Academic Scholarship Foundation (East Europe)1300€ (+ up to 2000€ one time)Very competitive scholarship, but not very well known.
April (recommended)BAföGvariesBAföG is supporting mainly German students and half of the money has to be paid back on a long term basis. According to Section 8 of the Act, foreign students may apply for financial support for educational and training purposes under specific circumstances.
JanuaryErasmus+ca. 330€ for 10 monthsfor TU Berlin students
February/MayUniversity of Twente Scholarship3,000 - 22,000€ per yearInform yourself early, and the DDP Coordinator might assist you.
FebruaryUniversity of Twente Study Holland5,000€ per yearFor Non-EEA students
*There are several scholarships for students going from a German university to another country. The above is giving an overview with some deadlines. Please note that the deadlines might change.

IMES Community

IMES Community

Be part of the IMES Community - for a lifetime!

The student-driven IMES Community is the strong student and alumni network of the IMES degree. The Community is led by a rotating team of new students each year and comprised of both current students and Alumni, building an ecosystem around the degree program to ensure

  1. a meaningful experience when studying in Berlin (student life),
  2. the regular exchange with Alumni and the startup, innovation and sustainability community in Berlin (career opportunities) and
  3. the continuous improvement of the IMES program in collaboration with the EIM Chair.

Please see the IMES Community Website and follow the LinkedIn Page for further details.
Of course, once admitted you can engage and become part of the IMES Community team.

How to Apply?

What Makes a Good IMES Candidate?

Thriving Teamplayer

IMES students have a collective mindset and are eager for collaboration. They feel comfortable interacting in groups and holding presentations.


Excellent English

IMES students are required to communicate fluently in English with fellow students, professors, and staff. C1 language skills are required for admission.

Academic Excellence

IMES students are expected to have completed introductory modules in business, economics and research methods to be able to follow the program adequately.

Maturity and Motivation

IMES students are highly motivated. They seek fundamental concepts, practical methods, and nascent knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation management that can drive immediate action for sustainable development. They thrive in new contexts and forge their own futures.

Where to Apply?

For All Applicants!

Applications are managed centrally by the Graduate Admissions Department at the Office of Student Affairs. (Service Bereich Master)

All applicants should follow the instructions as detailed on their website. However, please also pay close attention to the special requirements below.

Further application process questions can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.



What is NC (Numerus Clausus)?

As IMES has restricted admissions limited to 50 study seats, each application phase implies a competition between applicants where the top scoring candidates are admitted. Past selection cut-off criteria (Auswahlgrenzen) provide information on the points scored in the selection process as well as the waiting period required to possibly gain a place. This may be used to estimate the chances of acceptance.



Admission Requirements

Standard Application Documents

The Graduate Admissions Office  is responsible for the application and enrollment process. 

Please follow the instructions for your specific application provided on their website. Some cases required different documents and approvals. For example, students that are just finishing their Bachelor's Degree, but will not have the final grades or transcript before the deadline have specific instructions to follow, described here.

The IMES additional requirements are described here below.

IMES Additional Application Documents - REQUIRED

1English Language Proficiency CertificateSee Approved List Below  
2Letter of Motivation500 Words, Size 11 Arial  
3Curriculum vitae2 Pages Maximum  
4Subject-Related Knowledge DeclarationDownload Here  
*Digital Application - High Quality Color Scans & PDF Files ONLY

Formal Admission & Acceptance Regulations

The underlying formal admission and acceptance regulations (Zugangs- und Zulassungsordnungen) can be downloaded here. The application instructions on this site are intended to help navigate these formal requirements. 

English Proficiency Requirements

Recognized English Language Proficiency Certificates

Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which may not be older than 4 years. The certificate must be submitted during the application and available upon request as an original or certified copy after commencing your studies at TU Berlin.
The following attests are accepted (minimum requirements in brackets):

  • TOEFL Internet-based Test Score (min. 95 Points) Can be sent from ETS to uni-assist directly via institution code: 2727.
  • IELTS- Academic Module (Level: min. Band 7.0) Upload with the verification code.
  • ZEMS C1 CEFR English for Academic Purposes: Current TU Berlin students only. Certificates must be submitted with your application before the deadline.
  • UNIcert – Business English – (min. level III)
  • University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: (min. Certificate in Advanced English - CAE, Grade C; Certificate in Proficiency in English - CPE, Grade C)
  • Duolingo English Test: (120 Overall with no less than 115 in any band score). Print/Save a PDF of the Test Results page to be submitted during the application. Also, transmit results directly via the Duolingo portal to Technische Universität Berlin.

For applicants having completed a bachelor program exclusively taught in English at an EU/EEA university or an institution from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, South Africa an English language certificate from the list above is not necessary. The diploma supplement, transcript, or an additional letter from the University is required to clearly and sufficiently prove that this requirement has been met.


  • To complete the IMES program, a study abroad is mandatory in the 3rd semester. Therefore, all admitted students should renew their English language certificate so that it is valid until at least January 10th, 2023 so that the mandatory study abroad requirements can be met. (Most certificates are only valid for 2 years, and they must be valid for any study abroad application deadlines.)
  • If an approved bachelor certificate is used for a successful admission, an English language certificate will also be necessary to arrange the study abroad, if the bachelor program was concluded more than 2 years prior to January 10th, 2024. 
  • Admitted TU Berlin students can register for a ZEMS C1 certificate test that will fulfill these requirements, but availability is limited due to high demand. 

***Language Proficiency Test Results often have a long waiting time. Consider scheduling your exam 2-3 months before any deadlines to ensure the availability of results. Late submissions of any language proficiency test can not be considered.

Double Degree Partner University Selection (2nd year)

  • After a successful admission and enrollment into the M.Sc. IMES program at TU Berlin, the placement at one of the double degree partner university programs will be decided during the first semester at TU Berlin.
  • Although preferences are considered during program-internal applications and interviews, study seat limitations imply some students may not get their first choice. 
  • Please see the partner overview section to understand these limitations, i.e. the University of Twente has the largest capacity of study seats, but levies a tuition fee. When joining the program, students are prepared to pay this tuition fee. 
  • Applicants should consider the requirements of the program: a 1 year study abroad (outside of Germany) at a partner university, and motivation, capability, and financial ability to meet these study requirements.

Visas, Health Insurance, and Moving to Berlin

The International Student Counseling Office  offers counseling and practical services of all kinds in order to facilitate the transition to studies at the TU Berlin and in order to cope with all study-related topics, or social and legal formalities connected with your stay. 


Application Status & Enrollment

Initial acceptance letters are typically sent in August, and application results are typically published shortly thereafter for all applicants by the Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Office.

You may review the latest status of applications there

Accepted applicants must follow the acceptance letter instructions to upload additional documents and pay the semester fees in the personalized TU account before the deadline.

Questions and Contacts


Advice or Help

The Academic Advising Service supports prospective and current students in everything related to their study program, being a student at TU Berlin, as well as personal situations. Regular virtual consultations sessions are provided and detailed on their website.

Application, Admission Status, or Enrollment

The Graduate Admission and Enrollment Department (IA) is responsible for all topics relating to the application and enrollment process. All relevant and current information is available on their website. If your question then still remains, please use the contact form.

Moving to Germany! Visa, Health Insurace, Welcome

The International Student Counseling Service offer counseling, supervisory, and practical services of all kinds in order to facilitate the transition to studies at the TU Berlin and in order to cope with all study-related or social problems and legal formalities connected with your stay. They provide a detailed International Student Guide, as well as direct consultations. The International Office (see box below) also has similar information for exchange students that might be helpful.

Program, Course Offer, and Double Degree

Please read the IMES Study & Exam Regulations (english version)​​​​​​. This will answer most FAQs. Basic information about the study program at TU Berlin is found at the General IMES study program site.

If you still have questiosn regarding these topics, then you may submit an inquiry via the IMES contact email and it will be answered as quickly as possible.

Student Counseling

IMES Students that need help understanding and planning their studies may contact a student counselor for unique individual questions.