Electrical Energy Storage Technology

Building and Measuring Batteries

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Credit points: 6 ECTS (2 course hours per week)


In the module "Building and Measuring Batteries" students attend six experiments every two weeks over the course of the semester to acquire versatile knowledge about practical work in a battery laboratory. The first three experiments focus on electrochemical fundamentals and relationships as well becoming familiar with basic concepts. Students demonstrate their knowledge by building and analyzing half cells, electrochemical elements, metal-air-based batteries, high temperature batteries, and homemade lead-acid-batteries made from scratch material. The second half of the module focuses on measuring techniques and how to appropriately interpret measurements of commercial battery cells. The most important measurements are demonstrated and put into practice using commercial lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and supercaps. Students parameterize characterization measurements and analyze the measurement results in various ways. Lastly, students implement and test their own balancing algorithms on test equipment.

Building and Measuring Batteries is a portfolio exam, consisting of a maximum of 40 points for preparatory exercises and a total of 60 points for reports for every lab meeting. There are no additional lectures or practical tutorials in addition to the six experiments and an introduction in the first week of the semester. Experiments are conducted in small groups of three to four students. The maximum number of students that can be admitted is thus limited to 24. The module is worth 3 ECTS. 


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Electrical Energy Storage Technology
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