Electrical Energy Storage Technology

Paul-Martin Luc, M.Sc.

Research associate


Contact: Technische Universität Berlin

Email: paul-martin.luc[@]tu-berlin.de

Telephone: +49 (0)30 314-73850

Fax:      +49 (0)30 314-21133

Room:  EMH 131

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Electrical Energy Storage Technology
Institute of Energy and Automation Technology
Faculty IV
Office code EMH 2
Einsteinufer 11
D-10587 Berlin

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2019 to present

Research associate at Technische Universität Berlin

  • 2015-2019

Production Engineering, M.Sc., Technische Universität Berlin

Bachelor’s thesis: "Influence of handling and joining operations on the performance parameters of lithium-ion batteries using the coin cell as an example"

Student assistant at the Chair of Assembly and Handling Technology

  • 2009-2015

Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc., Technische Universität Berlin

Bachelor’s thesis: “Development and Implementation of a Mobile Wind Channel for Teaching”

Student assistant for the Global Production Engineering degree program and at the Chair of Assembly and Handling Technology

Key areas of research

  • Reproducible production of coin cells with inserted reference electrodes for spatially resolved determination of thermal and electrical parameters

  • Development of an experimentally-based modeling method for spatially resolved scaling prediction of electrical-thermal inhomogeneities in large-scale lithium-ion batteries