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2.8 million euros in funding for cloud, blockchain and privacy research at our research group Information Systems Engineering

Cloud, blockchain and privacy research at the research group Information Systems Engineering (ISE, Faculty IV), headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Tai, will be funded with a further 2.8 million euros over the next three years in four new national and European research projects. Innovative methods and tools are being researched and developed with which modern cloud and blockchain-based application systems can be designed in such a way that a wide range of critical quality properties such as scalability, energy and cost efficiency or data protection compliance can be ensured and reconciled. To this end, the research team led by Prof. Tai combines scientific methods from the computer science fields of distributed systems, software engineering, data management and security, and creates completely new digitization and transformation opportunities in particularly challenging, interdisciplinary application areas such as energy systems, electromobility or the circular economy.

The four newly funded projects are being carried out in collaboration with prestigous partners in national and European consortia and have a total funding volume of approximately 30 million euros. The projects are embedded in larger research and funding programs like GAIA-X (BMWK), VIP innovation research (BMBF), Horizon2020 (EU) und anonymisation/ secure data usage (BMBF).