Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Professors & Chairs

Albayrak, Sahin AOTAgent Technologies in Business Applications and Telecommunications
Albrecht, StevePETPerovskite Solar Cells
Alexa, MarcCGComputer Graphics
Berendt, Bettina IASInternet and Society
Bermbach, DavidMCCMobile Cloud Computing
Blankertz, BenjaminNEURONeurotechnology
N.N.ALGOEfficient Algorithms
Brock, OliverROBRobotics and Biology Laboratory
Burla, MaurizioHF-PhRadio-Frequency Technologies - Photonics
Böhm, MatthiasDAMSBig Data Engineering (website under construction)
Caire, GiuseppeCommITCommunications and Information Theory
Carta, Corrado Integrated Broadband and High Frequency Circuits (link to website will follow)
Demir, BegümRSiMRemote Sensing Image Analysis
Deniz, FatmaLANCLanguage and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems
Dieckerhoff, SibylleLEPower Electronics
Dressler, FalkoTKNTelecommunication Networks
Freund, RonaldPCNPhotonic Communication Systems
Gallego, GuillermoRPRobotic Interactive Perception
Gerfers, FriedelMSCMixed Signal Circuit Design
Glesner, SabineSESESoftware and Embedded Systems Engineering
Gühmann, ClemensMDTElectronic Measurement and Diagnostic Technology
Haufe, StefanUNIMLUncertainty, inverse modeling and machine learning
Hauswirth, ManfredODSOpen Distributed Systems
Heinrich, WolfgangHFTecHigh-Frequency Technologies
Hellwich, OlafCVComputer Vision and Remote Sensing
Hönig, WolfgangMRSMulti Robot Systems
Juurlink, BenAESEmbedded Systems Architectures
Kao, OdejDOSDistributed and Operating Systems (Verteilte Systeme und Betriebssysteme)
Keusgen, WilhelmMWSMicrowave Systems
Kolossa, DorotheaMTECElectronic Systems of Medical Engineering
Kowal, JuliaEETElectrical Energy Storage Technology
Kreutzer, StephanLaSLogic and Semantics
Küpper, AxelSNETService-centric Networking
Lambrecht, JensIGNCIndustry Grade Networks and Clouds
Maertens, MarianneCPComputational Psychology
Magedanz, ThomasAVNext Generation Networks
Markl, VolkerDIMADatabase Systems und Information Management
Möller, SebastianQUQuality and Usability Lab
Müller, Klaus-RobertMLMachine Learning / Intelligent Data Analysis
Nestmann, UweMTVModels and Theory of Distributed Systems
Obermayer, KlausNINeural Information Processing
Plath, RonaldHTHigh Voltage Engineering
Tai, Stefan (acting)SBESoftware and Business Engineering
Raisch, JörgRSControl Systems
Rech, Bernd Photovoltaics
Runge, Jakob Gerhard BernhardKLIClimate Informatics
Samek, Wojciech Machine Learning and Communication
Schmid, StefanINETInternet Network Architectures
Schneider-Ramelow, MartinWHSWerkstoffe der Hetero-Systemintegration
Mikroelektronik- Aufbau- u. Verbindungstechniken (acting)
Nano Interconnect Technologies (acting)
Schuhmann, RolfTETTheoretische Elektrotechnik
Schäfer, UweEAElectrical Drives
Seifert, Jean-PierreSECTSecurity in Telecommunications
Sikora, ThomasCommunication Systems
Sprekeler, HenningMKPModelling of Cognitive Processes
Stanczak, SlawomirNetITNetwork Information Theory
Strunz, KaiSENSESustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy
Szyszka, BerndTFDTechnology of Thin Film Devices
Tai, StefanISEWirtschaftsinformatik –Information Systems Engineering
Thewes, RolandSESensor & Actuator Technology
Toussaint, MarcISIntelligent Systems
Tränkle, GüntherMOMicrowaves and Optoelectronics
Völker, StephanLTLighting Engineering
Weller, MathiasAKTAlgorithmics and Computational Complexity
Wiegand, ThomasICImage Communication
Zimmermann, Lars Silicon Photonics

Honorary Professors

Adjunct Lecturers