Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Other Representatives

For the academic self-administration at Faculty IV, many of our members are involved in very different areas:

Supervisor Scholarship Holders, Exchange Programms and Foreign Students

Building MAR
Room MAR 4.041

Study-Abroad Supervisor

Faculty Information Officer (FIO)

Representative Fakultätentag Informatik

Building TEL
Room TEL 710A

Representative Fakultätentag Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Prof. Dr.

Wilhelm Keusgen


Building HFT-TA
Room HFT-TA 107

Internship Chairman M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Internship Chairman M.Sc. Computer Engineering

Ombudsperson for Doctoral Candidates

Building TEL
Room TEL 1206
Building MAR
Room MAR 5.018

Library Representative


Representative Mentoring Program Faculty IV

Building MAR
Room MAR 5.018
Building TEL
Room TEL 710A

Representative Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

Building EMH
Room EMH 130

Representative Business Start Ups

Building E-N
Room E-N 302