Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Board of Faculty IV

According to the Constitution of Technische Universität Berlin, the Faculty Board and the Dean are the main self-administration organs of the Faculty. The Faculty Board is thus the highest committee of the Faculty and represents a basic part of the academic self-administration. The Faculty Board sets its own Rules of Procedure (German) for its two-year term of office.

The member composition of the Faculty Board is determined by the regulations of the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG). Accordingly, the Faculty Board has 13 elected members: The professors are the majority with 7 representatives. The group of students, academic and non-academic employees (employees in service, technology and administration) each elect two persons to this board.

The Faculty Board is chaired by the Dean.


    21st Faculty Board meeting13 Dec 202302:15 p.m.room MAR 6.004
    22nd Faculty Board meeting24 Jan 202402:15 p.m.room MAR 6.004
    23rd Faculty Board meeting21 Feb 202402:15 p.m.room MAR 6.004
    24th Faculty Board meeting20 Mar 202402:15 p.m.room MAR 6.004


    We will be posting protocols from past Faculty Board meetings here shortly. In the meantime, please contact Jana Peich, FSC of Faculty IV.

    Please note that protocols are generally available in German only.

    Board Composition and Members

    7 Professors

    2 Academic employees

    2 Students

    Dusella, Gereon
    Wujecki, Daniel

    2 Non-academic employees

    Functions & Tasks

    The functions and tasks of the Faculty Board, unless assigned to other bodies or officers, include, in particular:

    • enactment of legal regulations (e.g. study and examination regulations)
    • coordination of teaching and research
    • measures to ensure a necessary range of courses
    • distribution and management of the faculty's resources (staff, material and financial resources)
    • proposals for all staff decisions, insofar as the persons concerned are not assigned to the institutes of the faculty


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