Women's Representative

Networks and Organisations

for students


The proScience project is one of the TU Berlin's equal opportunity measures, which was launched to increase the proportion of women among students.

Faculy IV Mentoring

The mentoring has many useful offers and tips to master the study. From first year mentoring, lab and programming catch-up courses and soft skills courses to information sessions on final theses.

Programming Course for University Students

You have questions about programming in Java or C, want to prepare for exams or just want to program (more)?

The part-time women's representative of Faculty IV organizes this programming course for female students: Our team will support you and answer your questions about Java and C! With personal support we work in a small group, solve tasks together and help each other. Whether you have questions about the content of the lectures or your own programming projects - our team is available to answer all your questions!

You can find more information in the ISIS course!

for employees

Networkmeeting Administration Employees

On the last Wednesday of the month, we meet for lunch together at 12:30 pm. The meeting place will be announced in time by email via the secretarial distribution list (the distribution list is maintained by the faculty administration and new staff members are added regularly). The meeting is for exchange and everyone can raise problems or simply interesting topics there. But you can also just attend and have a nice chat.
According to a faculty council resolution from 2014, this joint lunch for two hours counts as working time, as it serves the exchange and networking. The heads of the departments are therefore encouraged to allow their employees to participate.