Women's Representative

Women's Representatives

Gender and Diversity

The topics of gender and diversity are part of the central mission statement of Faculty IV.

The women's representatives of Faculty IV are therefore committed, together with many others, to equal opportunities for women in all areas.

Central work areas

The central areas of work of the Women's Representative are:

  • Monitoring of appointments and appointment procedures
  • Development of support and qualification programs for young women scientists
  • Support for women in research and teaching
  • Motivating female students for scientific and technical courses of study
  • Networking of female members of the university
  • Cooperation with other institutions that promote women
  • Dissemination of information on current developments in university policy that are relevant to gender equality

We are interested in you and your situation at TU, whether you are a student, employee, staff member or professor. Please contact us if you have problems of any kind (e.g. sexual harassment in the workplace). We will be happy to help you. We will gladly accept your requests and feedback regarding new or past events or other university-related topics!

Network meeting for administrative staff

On the last Wednesday of the month, we meet for lunch together at 12:30 pm. The meeting place will be announced in time by email via the secretarial distribution list (the distribution list is maintained by the faculty administration and new staff members are added regularly). The meeting is for exchange and everyone can raise problems or simply interesting topics there. But you can also just attend and have a nice chat.
According to a faculty council resolution from 2014, this joint lunch for two hours counts as working time, as it serves the exchange and networking. The heads of the departments are therefore encouraged to allow their employees to participate.

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Women's Representative of Faculty IV

TU Berlin
Sekr. MAR 6-1
Marchstr. 23
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Room MAR 6.007

Phone.: 030 / 314 - 25809

Email: frauenbeauftragte@eecs.tu-berlin.de
Twitter: @nfa_eecs_tub