Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Quality Improvement Measures

The department has undertaken a variety of measures in order to improve the quality of instruction and student care. 


  • Every student has a mentor, Mentoring Programme
  • In the framework of the OWL Programme (in German) (Offensive for Knowledge through Learning) various measures have proven successful 


    • For some courses, more tutors have been made available. 
    • Internship possibilities have been improved. 
    • Several student projects have received support. 


  • Every semester, students are asked to fill in questionnaires to evaluate their courses. These are then processed by means of statistical criteria based on a method of categorisation used in the social sciences known as "effect sizes". Evaluation (in German)
  • In the framework of the OWL programme, the TU Berlin launched the project called “Quality Assurance Study Programmes - QS²” as a key project for TU9, the consortium of German Technical Universities. 

    On the basis of a method developed at Holland’s Technical University of Eindhoven, the project team undertook an investigation called "Academic Competences Quality Assurance" in order to find out which competences are imparted during the Programme of Studies the degree to which this actually comes about. In order to achieve this, structured interviews were carried out with the instructional staff members responsible for the various modules. The results can be found in a Report (PDF, 697,4 KB – in German)
  • The Faculty Council has approved a Catalogue of Guidelines regarding instructor-student interaction, Catalogue.