Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Start of Studies

Dear new enrolled students!

We are pleased that you have chosen one of our study programs and welcome you to our faculty!

Finding your way around a new bachelor's or master's program, especially at an unfamiliar faculty or university, is not always easy. With the following information, we would like to make your first steps easier and enable you to quickly become oriented in your studies and on campus – whether as part of early study preparation, shortly before you start your studies, or during your first semester.

Study Preparation

Find out about early preparation offerings for new enrollees, for example, about the services and procedures of our central university library or preparatory mathematics courses.

Semester Kick-off

To help you get off to a smooth start to your semester at our faculty, we have put together many important introduction events and advisory services for you: from the Freshmen Orientation Days at our faculty, to the faculty's own mentoring program, to the TU-central
Festive Welcome Event at the beginning of each winter semester.

In 1st Semester

We have compiled a list of helpful contacts who will support you with questions and challenges during your studies, in your search for places or contact persons, lecturers or courses.