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Final Theses at Faculty IV

► Finding your way and support

At the end of your studies, the final thesis is the last and probably biggest challenge for many. In our discussions with students, we regularly see the problems that can arise, especially when things suddenly have to be done quickly and you are not prepared. We therefore recommend that you start planning your Bachelor's or Master's thesis early and step by step.

For your better orientation and preparation, you will find on this page

  • a detailed PROCESS PLAN 
  • helpful information and tips on the topic of final theses and
  • faculty and TU-wide contact points, information material and supportive services from FAC IV.

In addition, we answer frequently asked questions on the topic of theses at FAC IV

  • in our FAQs (currently in German - English version is being created)
  • at the Thesis Info Day, which we organize once a semester (in German - see above)

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...about final theses at FAC IV. Here you find answers to many questions that arise before or during thesis planning.

Currently we can only offer German FAQs, but the English version is currently being created and will be linked here shortly.


How does the planning and preparation of a final thesis at Faculty IV work?

In the following process plan, we describe all the important steps for planning and preparing a final thesis at Faculty IV, including the relevant sources of information, contacts and support services at each process step.


First, the entire process at a glance (English illustration follows). Secondly, in the following sections, all (German) terms are explained in English as we go through the process step by step. At the end, we summarize important points of contact and sources of information.

1. Checking requirements

  • For all: no blocking notices
  • Credit points and further requirements see §9 StuPO

Final thesis in the industry:

  • also no blocking notices allowed, but e.g. personal data can be anonymized or replaced
  • Persons working in industry are not reviewers
  • Assessment by companies does NOT take place!
  • Contact the Examination Boards if you have any questions

2. Finding a topic

► Chairs

Here you find all chairs of Faculty IV.

If you are studying an inter-university or inter-faculty degree program, you can also write your thesis at a chair of the respective university or faculty:



  • Automotive Systems: Faculty V, TU Berlin
  • Digital Media and Technology: corresponding departments of FU Berlin and HU Berlin

► (I)STROD - (International) Student Thesis and Research Opportunities Database, TU Berlin

In (I)STROD you will find currently offered topics for final theses. There are various filter options and the possibility to apply directly.

► Affiliated research institutes

► Who is allowed to evaluate my thesis?

  • 2 reviewers
  • 1 of 2 reviewers must belong to Faculty IV
    • EXCEPTION: Digital Media and Technology, B.Sc. + M.Sc.: no specification
    • M.Sc. Automotive Systems: 1 of 2 reviewers must belong to either Faculty IV or Faculty V

► Who is allowed to be a reviewer?

  • professors
  • junior professors
  • visiting professors
  • honorary professors
  • emeriti, associate professors
  • university lecturers
  • private lecturers
  • permanent WM with a research focus
  • junior research group leaders of Faculty IV

ATTENTION: This also applies to external final theses! An evaluation by a company is NOT possible!

► Contacting a chair

  • no standardized system
  • follow the usual greetings and courtesy conventions
  • self-introduction and rough timetable
  • name suitable courses attended
  • topics: List areas of interest
  • name elective modules attended and other relevant (possibly practical) expertise
  • suggest/ask about next steps

Find out more:

3. Consultation with the supervisor

► What do I do if I can't find a supervisor?

To help you find a supervisor, please send the following information to the relevant Examination Board:

  • Which chairs have I already contacted? What answers have I received?
  • What is my major field of study?
  • QISPOS excerpt of my grade overview

In addition, you should provide evidence of approx. 5-7 serious inquiries (e.g. by attaching e-mails and any replies).

► In consultation with your supervisor

a) What expectations are placed on me and what expectations do I have of the supervisor?

To avoid misunderstandings, you should definitely discuss this before you register your final thesis. You can use this questionnaire as a useful tool. Simply go through it together. Or even better: fill it out individually and then compare the results.

b) What do I need to discuss with the supervisor?

  • clarify the task, technique, structure, schedule
  • clarify open questions
  • possibly write an exposé
  • clarify access to laboratories, software licenses, servers, etc.

4. Registration of final thesis

► Thesis processing period (§9 StuPO)

  • Bachelor: 20 weeks
  • Master: 26 weeks

► Return of topic (§9 StuPO)

  • Bachelor: once within the first 6 weeks,
    • except for Computer science: once, within the first 4 weeks
  • Master: once within the first 6 weeks

► Submission not before half of the processing time

You can also expect about 1 month until you receive the fully signed application back.

Here you can find the guide to registering theses from Prof. Gerfers

5. Writing of final thesis

► What should I consider when writing?

  • aim: To answer the research question!
  • observe the funnel principle: From general to specific
  • first rough draft then fine-tuning

6. Submission of final thesis

► Formalities for submission

  • declaration of independence according to § 60 Abs. 8 AllgStuPO
  • German summary, if the work is not in German
  • submission: printed or online

► Submission of final thesis: print version

  • 2x bound (no ring binding) AND 1x electronic (USB / CD)
  • in a sealed envelope addressed to the Examinations Office
  • by postal mail, at the Campus Center during opening hours, at the Examination Office with an appointment, at the gate of the main building (with stamp with date and time of receipt)
  • if the submission deadline ends on a Sunday or public holiday, a postmark on the following working day is deemed to be the deadline for submission by post; for the submission of printed versions in person, the submission deadline is the following working day.

► Online submission

  • by email as PDF or link to (tub)cloud
  • file name: Abschlussarbeit_yourmatriculation_number.pdf
  • state in the text:
    • Name
    • Matriculation number
    • Degree and degree program
    • Name and e-mail address of first examiner
    • Name and e-mail address of second examiner
    • Title of the submitted thesis
    • Declaration that the thesis contains a declaration of independence according to § 60 para. 8 AllgStuPO.
    • Declaration that the abstract is in German (for English thesis)

► Extension of submission deadline

  • report ill directly in case of illness
    • twice normally via the examination office, the third time with a certificate via the Examination Board
  • always apply as early as possible (preferably immediately after the reason for the extension arises)
  • for good cause, the Examination Board will grant an extension for the duration of the reason
  • maximum extension period and further information can be found in §9 StuPO

7. After submission

► Presentation on your final thesis (Disputation AllgStuPO)

  • if applicable, presentation on the content of the final thesis to interested parties in the subject area
  • not yet mandatory in our StuPO, but very common
  • usually approx. 1 month after submission
  • discuss scope, deadline, etc. with supervisor

► What happens afterwards?

Graduation ceremony

  • always first Friday in December
  • next date Dec 6, 2024
  • further information here