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Health, energy, mobility, communication, security: electrical engineering and computer science are key to these and many other areas of modern everyday life. These disciplines are combined into a single faculty at TU Berlin due to the rich synergies that exist between them and the interdisciplinary opportunities they offer. Without this combination, digitalization, artificial intelligence, and robotics would be inconceivable. The broad spectrum of research and teaching in the Faculty reflects this Among many projects, the interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence “Science of Intelligence” is located in the Faculty.

The volume of publications produced, regular external funding grants upwards of 10 million euros, and outstanding research awards such as three Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prizes and two Alexander von Humboldt Professorships contribute to the Faculty’s outstanding reputation worldwide. The Faculty consolidates its research expertise in six research fields: cognitive systems, cyber-physical systems, data analytics & cloud, future Internet media & technology, integration technology & photonics and sustainable energy systems & mobility. As a result, the more than 6000 students in the Faculty, the largest at TU Berlin, benefit from a broad spectrum of modern teaching offerings. In addition to the core disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science, unique study programs have been developed in recent years, such as Computer Engineering, Media Technology, Digital Media & Technology, Business Informatics, and Information Systems Management, as well as international and specialized master’s programs in Computational Neuroscience, Automotive Systems, and ICT Innovation.

Research Profile

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The Faculty IV Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is one of Germany’s strongest research departments in its field.

Facts & Figures

Student Statistics Winter Semester 2021/22

  male, Germanfemale, Germandiverse, Germanmale, internationalfemale, internationaldiverse, internationalTOTAL
Electrical EngineeringB.Sc.39369 26259 783
Electrical EngineeringM.Sc.25839 14949 495
Computer ScienceB.Sc.1.3172181332113 1.981
Computer ScienceM.Sc.2  1  3
Computer EngineeringB.Sc.40840 12636 610
Computer EngineeringM.Sc.2     2
Information Systems ManagementB.Sc.618126 12968 941
Information Systems ManagementM.Sc.11 62 10
Digital Media & TechnologyB.Sc.8654 915 164
Digital Media & TechnologyM.Sc.911 13 24
Media TechnologyB.Sc.10727 158 157
Automotive SystemsM.Sc.443 17842 267
Computational NeuroscienceM.Sc.68 2215 51
ICT InnovationM.Sc.42 8126 113
TOTAL 3.25559811.311436 5.601

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