Urban and Regional Economics

Chair of Urban and Regional Economics

« Economics is not about money »

Urban and regional economics focuses on questions of the relationship between spatial and economic development: Why are certain functions only found in individual spaces, how does the spatial separation of labor develop, why are some regions more successful than others, how do regions change, which economic conditions are determining, how do stakeholders behave? The starting thesis is that space, its physical, economic, social, virtual manifestations - in contrast to the traditional economy - makes a difference.

The courses offered by the Chair of Urban and Regional Economics include, on the one hand, the application-oriented and spatially oriented economic "basic education" (micro- and macro- and regional economics) in the Bachelor's program. On the other hand, courses in the areas of location development, economic forecasting, housing and real estate economics, economics of urban renewal, location development in an international context, cultural economics, etc. are offered in the specialization areas (Bachelor) and area of concentration (Master).

The research focus of the chair is on economic structural change (clusters, creative industries, vacancy management, etc.), spatial-time research, and security.

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