Distributed and Operating Systems

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Organization name Distributed and Operating Systems
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Supervised Theses

Current Theses

Justus FlerlageOffloading Real-Time Processes in Local Distributed Systems  
Kalin IlievA Distributed Scheduler for Offloaded Real-Time Tasks in Self-Organized Wireless Networks  

Past Theses

Ilya KonievAnalyse von Datenströmen in industriellen Internet of Things Umgebungen  
Ahmed AbdulfattahAutomatisierung von simulierten Netzwerkredundanzprotokolltest in Echtzeitumgebungen  
Patrick SilatsaDesign and Evaluation of Dynamic Voter Election Redundancy Protocols in IoT Environments  
Robin StaubA Reconfigurable Network Interface Controller for Evaluation of Traffic Impact on Real-Time Embedded Systems  
Christoph BlumscheinReducing the impact of best effort IP-packet processing on real-time behavior in IoT devices  
Markus TollDesign and Evaluation of a Distributed Traffic Simulator for IoT Systems  
Charlotte PragstFunctionless vs. Function-as-a-Service: The Evolution of Serverless Cloud Paradigms  
Johanes Albert SimohatonoExtending Network Interface Controllers to Adapt Real-Time Operating System Task Priorities  
Lukas HoffmannEvaluating and Extending an IoT Staging Environment for Continuously Testing Home Automation Software  
Paul VoelkerOffloading and Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks on Edge Resources in IIoT Environments  
Christian HelbigOffloading von Echtzeitanwendungen: Anwesenheitserkennung durch die Echtzeitverarbeitung von Videostreams in verteilten eingebetteten Systemen  
Amanda MalkowskiReal-Time Data Processing for Smart Grids: Design and Implementation of a Smart Meter System Architecture  
Aurel WeinholdExtended Berkeley Packet Filter at the Edge in IIoT Environments  
Leonard WeikopfA Hardware/Software Co-Design for Real-Time Aware Packet Processing in Embedded Systems