Distributed and Operating Systems
Distributed and Operating Systems (DOS)

Recent Publications


Behnke, Ilja; Blumschein, Christoph; Danicki, Robert; Wiesner, Philipp; Thamsen, Lauritz; Kao, Odej
Towards a real-time IoT: Approaches for incoming packet processing in cyber-physical systems
Journal of Systems Architecture
May 2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Bogatinovski, Jasmin; Kao, Odej
Auto-Logging: AI-centred Logging Instrumentation
45th International Conference on Software Engineering, (ICSE '23)
Lehmann, Fabian; Bader, Jonathan; Tschirpke, Friedrich; Thamsen, Lauritz; Leser, Ulf
How Workflow Engines Should Talk to Resource Managers: A Proposal for a Common Workflow Scheduling Interface
2023 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid)
January 2023
Yu, Qiao; Wengui, Zhang; Soroush, Haeri; Paolo, Notaro; Cardoso, Jorge; Kao, Odej
HiMFP: Hierarchical Intelligent Memory Failure Prediction for Cloud Service Reliability
53rd Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Network (IEEE IFIP DSN 2023)


Bader, Jonathan; Witzke, Joel; Becker, Soeren; Lößer, Ansgar; Lehmann, Fabian; Doehler, Leon; Vu, Anh Duc; Kao, Odej
Towards Advanced Monitoring for Scientific Workflows
2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Page 2709–2715
Publisher: IEEE
December 2022

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Distributed and Operating Systems

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