Dynamics of Maritime Systems

Application + Information

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Exciting career prospects with good job prospects

  • Protect the oceans through innovative technologies
  • Contribute to the energy transition and use clean energy from the sea
  • Design yachts and cruise ships, freighters and special watercraft
  • Develop new technologies for deep-sea exploration
  • Help prevent collisions and environmental disasters caused by ships

Why studying at the TU Berlin is worthwhile

  • The Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering studies at the TU Berlin offers an internationally highly regarded degree right in the heart of the capital city
  • Good application chances due to the sufficient study place capacities the admission restriction by NC came rarely to effect in the last years
  • Possibility of versatile study-accompanying activities (pedal boat regatta, university sports)
  • High supervision ratio due to committed lecturers

Information on the study courses in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Das Studium der Schiffs- und Meerestechnik ist aufgeteilt in

  • den Bachelorstudiengang Verkehrswesen mit der Studienrichtung Schiffs- und Meerestechnik und
  • den Masterstudiengang Schiffs- und Meerestechnik.

Erste Informationen zum Studium sind in diesem Flyer zusammengefasst. 

Weitere Informationen für das Bachelorstudium sind hier und für den Masterstudiengang sind hierzu finden.