Database Systems and Information Management

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations with Prof. Markl as the Primary Advisor


Viktor Rosenfeld: Query Processing on Heterogeneous Systems
Technische Universität Berlin, 8. Dezember, 2023

Martin Kiefer: Accelerating Approximate Data Analysis with Parallel Processors
Technische Universität Berlin, 2. Februar, 2023

Philipp Grulich: Query Compilation for Modern Data Processing Environments
Technische Universität Berlin, 8. November, 2023


Behrouz Derakhshan: Materialization and Reuse Optimizations for Machine Learning Workloads
Technische Universität Berlin, 29. März 2022

Gábor Gévay: Nested Parallelism and Control Flow in Big Data Analytics Systems
Technische Universität Berlin, 13. Mai 2022

Clemens Lutz: Scalable Data Management using GPUs with Fast Interconnects
Technische Universität Berlin, 10. November 2022

Bonaventura Del Monte: Hardware-conscious Techniques for Efficient and Reliable Stateful Stream Processing Technische Universität Berlin, 5. Dezember 2022

Alexander Renz-Wieland: Adaptive Parameter-Server
Technische Universität Berlin,16. Dezember 2022


Henning Agt-Rickauer: Supporting Domain Modeling with Automated Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Recommendations
Technical University of Berlin, 04. November 2019

Andreas Kunft: Optimizing End-to-End Machine Learning Pipelines for Model Training
Technical University of Berlin, 16. August 2019

Jonas Traub: Demand-based Data Stream Gathering, Processing, and Transmission
Technical University of Berlin, 22. March 2019


Max Heimel: Data Processing on Heterogeneous Hardware
Technische Universität Berlin, 08. January 2018

Alexander Alexandrov: Representations and optimizations for embedded parallel dataflow languages
Technische Universität Berlin, 31.October 2018

Christoph Boden: Benchmarking dataflow systems for scalable machine learning
Technische Universität Berlin, 21. September 2018


Moritz Schubotz: Augmenting Mathematical Formulae for More Effective Querying and Efficient Presentation
Technische Universität Berlin, 31. March 2017

Uwe Jugel: Visualization-Driven Data Aggregation
Technische Universität Berlin, 13. April 2017

Sebastian Krause: Knowledge-Intensive, High-Performance Relation Extraction
Technische Universität Berlin, 27. September 2017


Alan Akbik: Exploratory Relation Extraction in Large Multilingual Data
Technische Universität Berlin, 13. April 2016


Sebastian Schelter: Scaling Data Mining in Massively Parallel Dataflow Systems
Technische Universität Berlin, 13. November 2015

Fabian Hüske: Specification and Optimization of Analytical Data Flows
Technische Universität Berlin, 14. December 2015



Katrin Eisenreich: Database Support for Uncertain Data Analysis and Correlation Handling in Scenario Planning
Technische Universität Berlin, 22. October 2012

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations with Prof. Markl as a Committee Member


Daniel Peters: A secure system architecture for measuring instruments under legal control
Technische Universität Berlin, 14. Juni 2017

Thorsten Papenbrock: Data Profiling - Efficient Discovery of Dependencies
Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam, 19. Dezember 2017


Aleksandar Vitorovic: Squall: Scalable Real-time Analytics using Efficient, Skew-resilient Join Operators École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 15. September 2016


Jesus Camacho Rodriguez: Efficient techniques for large-scale Web data management
Université Paris Sud, 25. September 2014


Frank Huber: Anfragebearbeitung und Mehrkern-Rechnerarchitekturen
Humbolt Universität zu Berlin, 17. Februar 2012

Martin Grund: HYRISE - An Main Memory Hybrid Storage Engine
Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam, 03. Dezember 2012


Daniel Warneke: Massively Parallel Data Processing on Infrastructure as a Service Platforms
Technische Universität Berlin, 28. September 2011


Dominic Battré: Efficient Query Processing in DHT-based RDF Stores
Technische Universität Berlin, 18. Dezember 2008