Database Systems and Information Management

General Instructions

  1. To get an overview of our currently available topics,  download the document Thesis Opportunities at DIMA.
  2. Students are encouraged to contact DIMA Senior Researchers, Postdocs, and Ph.D. Students (Research Associates) directly via email to learn more about their proposed thesis topics. Many of our thesis advisors are already working with several students, and it may be that they cannot currently take on another student. For this reason, you will need to inquire about their availability. Furthermore, when contacting a team member, be sure to submit your current CV and the completed Thesis Request Form
  3. Once you have identified an advisor(s) who is willing and able to advise you on a thesis topic, you can start writing your thesis proposal (see Thesis Proposal Template). After finishing your writing, your advisor(s) will review and accept the proposal before they forward it to Juan Soto for a final review.
  4. Upon final acceptance, students can proceed to register their thesis with the responsible examination office. Note: The proposal need not be forwarded to the examination office and students are advised to track the registration step to ensure it has officially been processed in a timely manner (e.g., at most a few weeks).

Further Templates: