Database Systems and Information Management

Thesis Opportunities

Pursuing a Thesis with DIMA

Theses in DIMA are often tied to ongoing research projects sponsored by funding agencies and companies. These are commonly written in English (and some in German). Problems are typically centered on topics in database systems, scalable and distributed data management, and machine learning systems, including: (i) query processing and optimization, (ii) storage, indexing, and physical database design, (iii) streams, sensor networks, and complex event processing, (iv) parallel and distributed databases, (v) databases for emerging hardware, (vi) benchmarking and performance evaluation, (vii) machine learning for data management, (viii) data management for machine learning, (ix) transaction processing, (x) database monitoring and tuning, (xi) data warehousing, OLAP, and SQL Analytics, (xii) database security, privacy, and access control, (xiii) data visualization, (xiv) graph data management, RDF, and social networks, (xv) knowledge discovery, clustering, and data mining, (xvi) spatio-temporal databases, and (xvii) very large data science applications/pipelines.

To pursue a thesis with us, students are generally required to possess:

  • outstanding programming skills in C++, Java, or Scala,
  • extensive knowledge in database systems (e.g., IBM DB2, Oracle) or big data analytics systems (e.g., Flink, Spark),
  • basic knowledge in the use of an IDE (e.g., Eclipse, IntelliJ),
  • basic knowledge in the use of a distributed version control system (e.g., SVN, Git).

Furthermore, to conduct a:

  • Bachelor‘s thesis, students must have successfully completed ISDA and DBPRA (at a minimum) with a grade of good or better and possibly several other Bachelor’s courses offered by DIMA, such as DBPRO and DBSEM
  • Master‘s thesis, students must have successfully completed DBT and DBTLAB (at a minimum) with a grade of good or better and possibly several other Master’s courses offered by DIMA, such as BDASEMBDSPRODMHIMSEMMDS, and ROC

Moreover, depending on the thesis topic, additional knowledge may be required (e.g., compiler technology, distributed systems, networking, operating systems, systems programming, machine learning).

Available Thesis Topics

If you are interested in our research areas and are currently in search of a thesis topic, we invite you to contact us. For more information, click on more below.

Completed Dissertations

Several doctoral students have successfully defended their Ph.D. Dissertation. For a list of past doctoral students for whom Prof. Markl has served as the primary advisor or has served as a dissertation committee member, click on 'more' below.

Completed postdoctoral theses

Several researchers have successfully defended their Habilitation Thesis. For a complete list of researchers for whom Prof. Markl served as the primary advisor or a member of the Habilitation Thesis committee, click on 'more' below.