Database Systems and Information Management

Master's Courses

DIMA offers several Master’s courses suitable for varying study programs, including Computer Science (Informatik), Information Systems Management (Wirtschaftsinformatik), Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik), and Industrial Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen). Our Master’s courses provide an ideal foundation for systems-oriented students to pursue careers as software engineers, systems engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and Ph.D. Students in the areas of data management and machine learning systems. Courses in the DIMA Groupare often tied to ongoing research sponsored by (inter-)national funding agencies or companies. Topics are typically centered on database systems, scalable and distributed data management, and machine learning systems, including: (i) query processing and optimization, (ii) storage, indexing, and physical database design, (iii) streams, sensor networks, and complex event processing, (iv) parallel and distributed databases, (v) databases for emerging hardware, (vi) benchmarking and performance evaluation, (vii) machine learning for data management, (viii) data management for machine learning, (ix) transaction processing, (x) database monitoring and tuning, (xi) data warehousing, OLAP, and SQL Analytics, (xii) database security, privacy, and access control, (xiii) data visualization, (xiv) graph data management, RDF, and social networks, (xv) knowledge discovery, clustering, and data mining, (xvi) spatio-temporal databases, and (xvii) very large data science applications/pipelines.

For more information about DIMA course offerings and course schedules, visit MOSES.

Caveat: It may be that not all of the DIMA Master’s courses will be offered each academic year.

Furthermore, Computer Science and Information Systems Management Master’s students can specialize in big data / data science via the Faculty IV Data Science and Engineering Track. Students interested in joining the track can self-add themselves to the linked ISIS course.

Master's Course List

Core Course

Database Technology [DBT]

Learn both the fundamentals of data processing in traditional single-node database systems and how to scale out these techniques to huge amounts of data in large-scale, distributed environments.

Practical Lab Course

Database Technology Lab [DBTLAB]

Learn how to implement components of a database system. You will create a working SQL query processor that can answer a set of basic queries.

Elective Course

Data Management on Modern Hardware [DMH]

Learn the fundamentals of cache-efficient storage and processing models and the basics of parallel data processing on modern CPUs and co-processors for typical database operators.

Management of Data Streams [MDS]

Develop deep skills in conventional, methodical, and practical processing of continuous data streams using various application examples.

Foundations for Graduate Research in Data Management and Machine Learning Systems [ROC]

Learn contemporary research methodology, gain both theoretical and practical skills in data management and big data technologies, and be attuned to today’s major research challenges in scalable data management and processing.


Master’s Thesis [MTC]

Create a scientific work that solves a data management, big data engineering, or technologies and systems problem: (i) surveying related work, (ii) stating the research problem, (iii) defining the scope, (iv) specifying a solution approach and methodology, (v) differentiating the solution from the state-of-the-art, and (vi) showing the effectiveness and efficiency of your solution.


Big Data Analytics Seminar [BDASEM]

Learn how to critically read state-of-the-art publications on technologies and systems for big data management and data science as well as learn how to offer an effective presentation, all under the guidance of an assigned mentor.

Hot Topics in Information Management Seminar [IMSEM]

Learn how to critically read state-of-the-art publications on technologies and systems for big data management and data science. In addition, learn how to offer an effective presentation and write a scientific/technical report, all under the guidance of an assigned mentor.


Big Data Systems Project [BDSPRO]

Solve a current research problem in the field of technologies and systems for big data management and data science.

Hot Topics in Information Management Project [IMPRO]

Solve a current research problem in the field of database systems and information management.


Master’s Colloquium [MTC]

Master’s thesis defense presentations.

DIMA Research Colloquium [RC]

Learn about the latest research results from prominent academic or industry guest speakers.