Database Systems and Information Management

Bachelor's Courses

DIMA offers several Bachelor’s courses suitable for varying study programs, including Computer Science (Informatik), Information Systems Management (Wirtschaftsinformatik), Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik), and Industrial Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen). These courses enable students to better understand the foundations of database systems and information management. In addition, it will enable students to design and implement database applications and other complex information management solutions. For more information about DIMA course offerings and course schedules visit MOSES

Bachelor's Course List

Introductory Course

Informationssysteme und Datenanalyse [ISDA] (Information Systems and Data Analysis)

Learn the concepts of information management using (relational) database systems from the perspective of an application developer. 

Practical Lab Course

Datenbankpraktikum [DBPRA] (Database Practical Hands-on Training)

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Programmierpraktikum Large-scale Data Engineering [PPLDE]

In this project module, students will learn how to create prototypes for specific projects, and give high-quality presentations on these prototypes. These aspects are covered with a special focus on the areas data engineering, data management, and machine learning systems.


Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence [DW]

Learn how data warehouses differ from classical transactional databases and in addition learn about multi-dimensional data models, data mining, and business intelligence.


Bachelor’s Thesis [BT]

Create a scientific work that solves a data management, big data engineering, or technologies and systems problem: (i) surveying related work, (ii) stating the research problem, (iii) defining the scope, (iv) specifying a solution approach and methodology, (v) differentiating the solution from the state-of-the-art, and (vi) showing the effectiveness and efficiency of your solution.


Advanced Topics in Database and Information Systems Seminar [DBSEM]

Learn about the core elements of a technical presentation, learn how to properly present an advanced scientific topic drawn from the database systems or technologies and systems for big data management, and data science literature, and sharpen critical thinking skills.


Datenbankprojekt/ Programmierpraktikum Project [DBPRO] (Database Project/ Practical Programming) 

Develop an information system jointly with a team along a classical development process, including the functional specification, modeling, implementation, and demonstration of the system.


Bachelor’s Colloquium [BTC]

Bachelor’s thesis defense presentations.