Database Systems and Information Management

Research Profile

Research in the Database Systems and Informations Management Group

The Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) Group, under the direction of Volker Markl, conducts research in the areas of database systems, scalable and distributed data management, and machine learning systems, including: (i) query processing and optimization, (ii) storage, indexing, and physical database design, (iii) streams, sensor networks, and complex event processing, (iv) parallel and distributed databases, (v) databases for emerging hardware, (vi) benchmarking and performance evaluation, (vii) machine learning for data management, (viii) data management for machine learning, (ix) transaction processing, (x) database monitoring and tuning, (xi) data warehousing, OLAP, and SQL Analytics, (xii) database security, privacy, and access control, (xiii) data visualization, (xiv) graph data management, RDF, and social networks, (xv) knowledge discovery, clustering, and data mining, (xvi) spatio-temporal databases, and (xvii) very large data science applications/pipelines.

While having a strong focus on systems building and validating research in practical scenarios, we explore and provide fundamental and theoretically sound solutions to current major research challenges. We collaborate closely with researchers at prestigious national and international academic institutions and carry out joint research projects with leading IT companies as well as innovation-oriented enterprises.