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RETHINK big - Roadmap for European Technologies in Hardware and Networking for Big Data

The primary goal of the RETHINK big project is to deliver a strategic roadmap for how technology advancements in hardware and networking can be exploited for Big Data analytics.

The project brings together important producers and consumers of Big Data with key European hardware manufacturers, networking experts, and system architects.

Together, these experts will investigate how technical developments can be matched to advancements in applications, algorithms and systems.

The gained insights are meant to serve as coordination points for the European industry to ensure its competitiveness in the field of Big Data analytics over the next decade.


  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
  • Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
  • The University of Manchester
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • ARM Ltd
  • ParStream GmbH
  • Internet Memory Research
  • No Rack
  • Thales SA
  • Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France

Project Duration: 03/2014 - 02/2016