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ProKI-Berlin (2022 - 2024)

Demonstration and Transfer Network for AI in Production (ProKI Network); 

Location: Berlin; Focus: Separation (ProKI-Berlin).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been extensively researched and pilot tested at universities in many research and development projects for several years. It has become clear that with the help of AI, it is possible to support manufacturing companies in solving a wide range of tasks. In small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (SMEs), AI solutions are either not used at all or only to a limited extent. Limited resources and expertise inhibit the usage of AI solutions in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, new ideas and measures are necessary to support a fast and comprehensive transfer of results from science to everyday use in SMEs. 

This is where eight research projects come in and form the ProKI network in Germany. The aim is to develop and implement concepts for transferring modern, interdisciplinary approaches from research into the practice in manufacturing companies. In the ProKI network, procedures for the introduction of AI applications are designed, the qualification measures for dealing with AI are developed, and use of AI in the manufacturing industry is made tangible for the users. The overarching goal of enabling the wide adoption of AI in SMEs within Germany can thus be achieved. 

To this end, AI demonstration and transfer centers are being established at eight universities in Germany. The demonstration and transfer centers will set up example scenarios with a focus on different manufacturing processes. These examples will serve to introduce small and medium-sized companies to the topic of AI use in production. The focus of the individual centers is on the manufacturing processes of forming, cutting, joining and coating. The centers can be used as a test environment. Industrial issues and solutions are discussed jointly by experts from these centers and the industry representatives.

As part of ProKI-Berlin, DIMA will be responsible for research related to the IoT data management system, called NebulaStream, developed by the group. The goal is to showcase the capabilities of NebulaStream in various industrial IoT (IIoT) scenarios.

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Consortium: Departments (FG) of the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin):

  • Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering (Project Management) (WZM-FER)
  • Man-Machine-Systems (MMS)
  • Micro and fine devices (MFG)
  • Industrial Automation Technology (IAT)
  • Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA)

Funding Agency: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project duration: 08/2022 - 12/2024