Database Systems and Information Management

MIA - Cloud-based Marketplace for Information and Analytics

The analysis of freely available data is an increasing market segment. With the aid of language technologies and statistical methods millions of websites could be processed for information and analytics. MIA has the goal to enable the processing of these data for small and medium-sized enterprises using cloud computing.

In order to analyze data sets of such size, large IT infrastructures need to be built that incur high implementation costs, as well as further significant costs for updating and analyzing data. The associated risks for SMEs are a strong barrier for innovation, which is why they are not yet in a position to benefit from the latest research in cloud computing and web mining.

The research project will develop a marketplace which ensures the sustainable operation of a reliable and trusted platform for the production, provision and use of the data of the German Web and other free information. This infrastructure enables completely new business models with information and analysis as electronically tradable goods. The collective storage, analysis and utilization of data from the German Web offers many cost savings and high innovation capabilities. Thus, especially for SMEs, significant market entry barriers and impediments to innovation are eliminated. The first phase of the marketplace includes applications for the industries, "media", "market research" and "consultation" with particular attention to their specific demands for privacy and data security. In further stages of expansion internationalization and the diversification of services should be strived for.

The Consortium was chosen as one of twelve projects (selected from over 100 proposals) to be implemented from the BMWi program “Trusted Cloud”.


Project Duration: 11/2011 - 10/2014

Leader of Consortium:

Database Systems and Information Management Group (DIMA), Technische Universität Berlin 

MIA in the media:

Im Meer der Webseiten
An interview with Dr. Alexander Löser from Manfred Kloiber, Deutschlandfunk. The topic is: "Der Online-Marktplatz MIA bietet Business-Intelligence für das deutschsprachige Web an".