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ELEGANT aims to create a new software paradigm for Big Data and IoT by unifying their programming environments and enabling the automatic and easy deployment of existing code from Big Data platforms to IoT devices and backwards in a self-adaptable way, optimizing the PESRD (Performance, Energy Efficiency, Security, Reliability, Dependability) space.

ELEGANT’s vision is summarized by the following four points:

  • Unification of programming environments: Through virtualized execution, both Big Data and IoT devices will offer the same application programming interface (API) to programmers. This will allow us to define operators, code them once, and deploy them both at the data analytics (Big Data) and the IoT sides.

  • Dynamic Code Motion: By unifying the programming environments between Big Data and IoT we will enable code reuse between the different platforms. This in turn, will enable the dynamic code motion across the different layers of the deployments. This will be achieved by enabling the lightweight IoT runtimes to dynamically accept and apply incoming operators without restarting their execution.

  • Intelligent resource selection and allocation: By enabling the dynamic code motion between Big Data and IoT we essentially unify the two systems, thereby allowing intelligent resource selection and allocation. By establishing a global monitoring system, we will enable decisions such as where to execute code, how much and which data we can process in-situ or stream to the data analytics side, IoT energy savings, etc.

  • Secure, Reliable, and Dependable code deployment: The unification of operators that can execute on both IoT and Big Data will enable a single code validation and security point for all running code. In addition, the same runtime verification and security techniques will be applied on both sides. Finally, through dynamic code motion we will be able to transition between in-situ on-edge processing and data streaming completely dynamically based on the data sensitivity, network stability, and software and hardware reliability.

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Project Partners:

  • NEXUS Software Single Member Limited Liability Company
  • The University of Manchester
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
  • Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni
  • UniData SpA
  • Spark Works ITC Limited
  • UniSystems Luxembourg S.a.r.l.
  • Ubitech Limited
  • ITTI sp z o.o.
  • KTM Innovation GmbH

Project Duration: 01/2021 - 12/2023

Funding Agency: EU-Kommission