Database Systems and Information Management


The Database Systems and Information Management Group (DIMA) of the TU Berlin is research partner in the BMBF-funded regional business initiative BIZWARE, in which several industrial partners from Berlin, the TU Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute FIRST work together to advance a long term scientific and economic development of holistic model-based software development for the whole software lifecycle.

In close collaboration with our industrial partners we will develop the „Model and Software Factory” and a runtime environment that allows to model, generate and run software components and applications based on domain-specific languages. The goal of the project is to provide innovative technology and methods to automate the phases of software development processes.

Since several years, our group deals with model-based concepts, methods and practices for software development and with architectures for information management, information integration and extraction. Besides fundamental research, the DIMA group runs multiple big research projects. Within the BIZWARE initiative we lead the joint project „Methods, languages, tools and infrastructure for the model and software factory” and work on the sub-project „Lifecycle management for BIZWARE applications” in the following areas:

  • Modeling (information modeling, meta-modeling, semantic modeling, …)
  • Domain-specific languages (DSLs) and modeling methodology
  • Information management in software engineering
  • Software lifecycle management
  • Semantic technologies and information extraction for software development

TU Berlin leads the joint project „Methods, languages, tools and infrastructure for the model and software factory” (in short: “BIZWARE factory”) within the BIZWARE partnership and works on a fundamental sub-project of it. The BIZWARE factory is the technological and infrastructural core of the partnership. The main goal of the project is to develop methodologies and tools that result in the “model and software factory” in terms of a DSL workbench. The BIZWARE factory will help software developers during the whole software lifecycle (specification, modeling, development, test, deployment, maintenance) with lightweight domain-specific languages, flexible modeling methods and meta-model based language development to get easier access to model-based development. The DSL workbench provides methods, techniques, tools and the infrastructure for instantiating DSLs, creating, modifying and transforming DSL-based models and generating tools, software components and test and validation environments.In the joint project „BIZWARE runtime environment“ TU Berlin works on the sub-project „Lifecycle management for BIZWARE applications“. The joint project will develop the infrastructure and tools to run, test and configure applications that have been developed with the BIZWARE factory. Furthermore, the results of the project will enable monitoring of the applications in a technical and business manner and provide an environment optimized for end users, test engineers and software operators. Main focus of TU Berlin is to work on software lifecycle management that deals with management of models, software artifacts and components in dynamic repositories.

Project Duration: 09/2010 - 08/2013