Database Systems and Information Management

The Database Systems and Information Management Group

We are a lively group of academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs from around the world who are passionate about database systems, information management, and data science. Our research lies in the areas of query processing and optimization, scalable machine learning systems, and the impact of new hardware architectures on information management. We have a strong focus on systems building and validating research in practical scenarios. In addition, we provide fundamentally sound solutions to current major research challenges. We are specifically interested in applying our research to build scalable systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) (see NebulaStream) and Information Infrastructures (see Agora). Our partnership network includes researchers at prestigious national and international academic institutions and leading IT companies as well as innovative small and medium enterprises.

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If you would like to visit DIMA, you can reach us by car, train, or airplane and stay in one of various hotels in the area.

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Information Material

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