Process Dynamics and Operations

Process Systems Engineering

The integrated course Process Systems Engineering (PSE) first gives an overview of the different fields of systems engineering, process synthesis, process design, dynamics and control, scheduling and optimization. The focus of the course is process synthesis, i.e. the conceptual design of processes. Classical, heuristic approaches and the newer approach of superstructure optimization are discussed. In the second part of the lecture, the possibilities of process integration are discussed. The goal is to combine processes in such a way that material and energy are used as sparingly as possible. Finally, the different levels of process intensification are discussed. An example of an intensified process is reactive rectification. The examination takes the form of a group report followed by an oral discussion. Contents of the report are questions about the contents of the lecture. Among other things, a new process is to be conceptually developed.

LV-Number0339 L 482 
LectureTuesday, 12pm - 2pm, KWT-N 207; Christian Hoffmann 
CycleWinter semester (Englisch) 
Examination formPortfolio audit (Report + brief oral debate) 
Consulting hoursby arrangement with Christian Hoffmann