Process Dynamics and Operations

Optimization in Process Sciences

Process Optimization teaches basic skills and methods for optimization with a focus on applications in process engineering. Within the framework of the integrated course, both linear and nonlinear optimization problems are discussed, mixed-integer problems are discussed, and the extension to dynamic systems is considered. The focus is always on the triad of appropriate formulation of the optimization problem, selection of an optimization problem, and the solution. During the semester, students work in groups of two on an assignment that includes exactly these steps for a complex process engineering problem. One third of the semester assignment is included in the grade.

Note on summer term of 2022 : Please use the ISIS link below to enroll directly in the course. There is no enrollment key. The course will be online during the first week of lectures (04/22), as the actual number of participants is still unclear.

LV-Nummer0339 L 420 
Lecture & ExerciseFridays, 8am - 12pm, KWT-N 207; Dr.-Ing. Erik Esche 
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CycleSummer Semester (Englisch, Präsenz) 
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