Process Dynamics and Operations

Course Overview - Part II

Integrated courses

Additional lectures and tutorials as well as Integrated Courses can be found on the Courses I page here.

CourseIDScopeDocentWS / SSISIS
Data Science in EngineeringLV 0339 L XXX2 SWS, IVDr. Alexander BadinskiSSISIS
Patent and Licensing LawLV 0339 L 4312 SWS, IVProf. Dr.-Ing. Felix GrossSSISIS
Process Systems EngineeringLV 0339 L 4822 SWS, IVChristian HoffmannWS (English) 
Optimization in Process SciencesLV 0339 L 4204 SWS, IVDr.-Ing. Erik EscheSSISIS
Process SimulationLV 0339 L 4914 SWS, IVDr.-Ing. Erik EscheWS