Process Dynamics and Operations

Computer-aided plant design

In computer-aided plant design (CAP), the individual planning phases from the research idea to the commissioning of a plant are brought closer. CAP is offered as a 2-week block course in which the theory from the lecture is applied directly in teamwork (2-3 persons) to a given example process in the exercise. The following software programs will be explained and provided for this purpose: CHEMCAD, PlantEngineer (Visio), PlantDesign (MOSAICmodeling) and E3D (AVEVA). The planning of the example process is to be recorded in a written report per team, 70% of which will be included in the evaluation. The other 30% will be determined from a 45-minute group oral examination on the lecture and report content.

CAP will next take place during the lecture-free period in March 2024. Interested students please use the pre-registration form below.

LV-Nummer0339 L 419 
LectureTBA, KWT-N 207, M.Sc. Linus Schoele 
ExerciseTBA, KWT-N 207, M.Sc. Torben Talis 
Cycleevery semester 
Examination formPortfolio Exam (Report (70%) + oral group examination (30%)), Registration via MTS 
Consulting hoursby arrangement with Torben Talis 

Contact person

Building KWT-A
Room KWT-A 111

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