Process Dynamics and Operations

Course Overview - Part I

Lectures & Exercises

CourseIDScopeDocentWS / SSISIS
Process and Plant DynamicsLV 0339 L 4014 SWS Lecture, 2 SWS ExerciseProf. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jens-Uwe RepkeWS (Englisch) & SS (German)Course

Integrated courses

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Matlab PAD

LV 0339 L 403
Lecture and computer exercise
Gerardo Brand Rihm, Dr.-Ing. Georg Brösigke

CourseIDScopeDocentWS / SSISIS
Computer-aided Plant DesignLV 0339 L 4196 SWS, IVDr.-Ing. Jan SchönebergerWS & SSPreregistration
Matlab PADLV 0339 L 4034 SWS, IVGerardo Brand Rihm, Dr.-Ing. Georg BrösigkeWS & SSISIS, Preregistration