Process Dynamics and Operations

Research projects

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Within the DFG-funded project InPROMPT, methods are being developed for the systematic development of novel processes in the sense of green chemistry, based on reactive liquid multiphase systems. The focus is on the use of renewable raw materials, highly efficient and environmentally compatible reaction media, and energy- and resource-saving operation through real-time optimization.

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KEEN connects 20 industrial and scientific institutions with the aim of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and methods to the process industry and evaluating and realizing their technical, economic and social potential.

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UniSysCat stands for Unifying Systems in Catalysis. We are a cluster of excellence - more than 260 researchers from four universities and four research institutes in the Berlin and Potsdam area - working together on current challenges in the highly relevant field of catalysis. UniSysCat brings together biologists, chemists, engineers, and physicists with the aim of revolutionizing catalysis research.

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SPP 2331 - ML in ChemEng

Within SPP 2331, researchers from various fields – including chemical engineering, computer science, and mathematics – are teaming up to enable the chemical industry’s transition to renewable energy and raw materials by using machine learning as a catalyst.