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DECHEMA Annual Meeting on Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering 2023

On November 20 and 21, our colleagues Torben Talis and Volodymyr Kozachynskyi as well as our external PhD student Innokentij Bogatykh were at the Dechema Annual Meeting on Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering. Torben introduced on his poster a new smooth reformulation for (dis)appearence of phases and uses it to model a batch distillation column. Volodymyr's poster discussed the impact of regularization methods on optimal design of experiments for the estimation of NRTL parameters. Innokentij Bogatykh's lecture discussed his control scheme for the synthesis of #DME via reactive distillation.

Torben's and Volodymyr's work is part of the DFG priority programme SPP 2331 "Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering". Innokentij's contribution is subject to our cooperation with ASG Analytik-Service AG.