Process Dynamics and Operations

Rene Pöschmann, M.Sc.

Organization name Process Dynamics and Operation
Building KWT-N
Room KWT-N 004


Experimental studies on the determination of HETP values of structured packings using self-developed geometrically variable miniature measuring cells under distillative conditions.

Established design methods for columns with structured packings are based on simplified model assumptions, which can only give limited information on real separation efficiencies, because of insufficient knowledge on mass transfer of multi component systems and the high complexity of the phase distribution within the column.
A widespread parameter to characterize the separation efficiency of structured packings is the HETP. Usually, the HETP of a specific packing is determined with a standard test system in a pilot scale column. However, since the HETP depends on the test system it was determined with that leads to uncertainty when transferred to real applications. To quickly and cost-efficiently determine the HETP, a small measuring cell is desirable, to evaluate the separation efficiency of real systems and industrial scale applications. For this, there are two measuring cells of different scales under development. One of the cells varies the width of the investigated packing section to quantify wall effects, while the other one varies the height through which the influence of the contact points of two packing elements is investigated. Both cells focus on the space between two packing sheets, which leads to a significant reduction of the measuring setup, even though width and height vary greatly. Furthermore, the cells are constructed modularly to investigate different geometries efficiently. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and hold a large consortium of academic and industrial partners.

Research projects

ReProvAP - Reduction of climate-relevant process emissions through improved design of structured packing columns